Up coming events

Aug 22

Departure of PNW

National Corvette Caravan

Up Coming Events

August 28 - September 1

25th Anniversary Celebration 

National Corvette Museum

Bowling Green, KY

September 11

 Lunch/Tour at 4 Spirits Distillery in Corvallis

Leave from Eugene (Details later)

Check their website www.4spiritsdistillery.com to view their lunch menu

 Send your lunch choice with the name and lunch item for each person in your vehicle via email to Jim Tatum epd131@comcast.net or call cell 541 953-4322.  After lunch the owner, Dawson will give us a detailed tour of the facility.  

The tour is about one hour in length.   

September 14

North Eugene High School

Car Show

(more information to come)

Aug 2020

Vettes on the Rockies

Steamboat Springs, CO